About Prodess

Welcome to thousands of company cabins!


Since 2012, Prodess developed a platform that gives Norwegian companies and their employees access to thousands of corporate cabins and apartments in Norway and abroad. This innovative way of working with employee benefits is completely new in the Norwegian society. Large companies such as Aker BP and Statkraft have already taken Prodess's system into use. Our system is closed and you must be employed by a member company to use our system.


How it works:

  • Prodess offers businesses access to thousands properties in Norway and around the world. Our large selection ensures a wide range to your employees. Our cabin pool has everything from simple cabins to beautiful apartments and houses. Company cabins are a tax-free employee benefit.
  • Our concept is member-based. This means that small and large companies are members of Prodess. As a member company, you give your employees a benefit: access to company cabins and apartments throughout Norway and around the world. All properties are handpicked by our team in Prodess, and the number of properties offered is increasing.
  • The companies do not need to own or rent their own cabins or flats. Member companies pay an annual membership fee and cover an optional part of the rental costs for their employees.
  • The employees get a personal login to their profile, where they can easily book their cabins, such as Finn or AirBnb. 


Benefits of using Prodess:

  • No administrative work for your company: Prodess takes care of everything with regards to administration, customer service and coordination. All inquiries and questions from their employees goes directly to our customer service department.
  • No fixed costs and tied capital: Instead of renting / owning a cabin that is only used a copuple of months per year, your company only pay for the days that are used. Your company decides how much you will cover per employee per year, and only pay for the days that your employees actually use the cabins or apartments.
  • No waiting time: Employees do not have to wait in line, as they may do to with a traditional company cabin: At Prodess, they can immediately book the cabin or apartment they want at any time of the year. 
  • Already own cabins? No problem: Most people who are members at Prodess have had, or have company cabins. Included in the price, you can add your company cabins to our system. You may choose to have them available only for your employees, or for everyone using Prodess and then get extra income through our system.


Do you want a presentation of Prodess for your company? Contact us at post@prodess.no.

Do you want to rent your cabin, house or apartment via Prodess? Contact us at post@prodess.no