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Why rent out through Prodess?


Just like you, we are motivated by high occupancy, as well as reliable and happy guests. With Prodess you gain access to a closed rental market, where employees at our member companies can rent your cabin or vacation home as their company cabin.


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Your teammate on the rental market


Because we know our members and what they require for a great vacation, you will get the help you need to promote your rental property and facilitate for a higher occupancy. Let's work together to offer pleasant stays with reliable hosts and increase your rental income.

We'll help you with marketing


We want to share our best tips and help you promote your cabin or vacation home. You can also get a lot of inspiration from other hosts at Prodess. Have a look at the different destinations and how others promote their rental property.


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Who can host ?


There are no requirements for size, facilities or area. Our guests show interest in a wide variety of rental properties. What is important is that you want to join us in creating great experiences! This includes always updating your calendar so that availability is correct, quick response and a clean and tidy rental property when guests arrive. Is this important to you, too? Great, we would love to have you on our team!


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Finance your vacation home with your rental income


By renting out your cabin or vacation home, you may cover many of your expenses as a property owner. And being a host doesn't have to be complicated. Register as a host on Prodess, add photos and information about your vacation home, enter the dates and prices for available rental periods in the calendar. Then we will take care of marketing, invoicing and communication.

Need help with maintenance and welcoming guests?


In addition to offering you a great administration system, we can arrange cleaning services for your rental property, pick up point for keys, maintenance and even give your rental property a modern makeover. Get in touch with us for more information about these services.


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Your benefits as a host on our team


Minimal administration and customer service

All you need to do is confirm bookings.

Access to a closed rental market

consisting of employees in our member companies, with less competition than on the open rental market.

Less wear and tear

as all our guests represent their employer, and often treat the flat or cabin as if it were the company's own property.


We do not require exclusive rental access to the flat or cabin. If you use the flat or cabin yourself, just remember to exclude the dates in the calendar as early as possible.

Full overview

You have full overview of your rental periods and rental income on our website, and you can even synchronise your calendar with other rental websites.

Get started!


Simply register as a landlord on our website, and you may start adding your cabins, flats or houses that you would like to rent out. If you need help, have a look at our video guides.