Attractive company flats and cabins in Norway and abroad

A popular employee benefit for your company!





Why offer employees company flats and cabins? 


Company cabins have long been one of the most popular employee benefits in Norway. It motivates work efficiency and loyalty to the company, while contributing to a happy work environment. Get access to thousands of company flats and cabins, while outsourcing all administration to us.


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Our member companies benefit from:

Wide selection 
- thousands of company flats and cabins in Norway and abroad.

No administration - we take care of administration, operation and questions from your employees.

Low costs for your employees  - employer pays parts of the rental costs (company rent).

No fixed rental payments - pay only for the days spent at the flat or cabin.


 Employee benefit with unlimited access


No more waiting your turn for a stay at the company cabin! Submit as many booking requests as you like, however often you like, for any company flat or cabin you like. Choose from a wide selection at affordable prices!


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 Employee benefit with unlimited access


Is your flat or cabin cold and empty parts of the year? Turn that into an extra income! Register your flat or cabin for rent on our website and we will manage booking requests, payment and direct customer contact for you.


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