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FAQ for employees

How do I sign up?
  • To rent company flats and cabins, you have to be an employee at one of our member companies. If your company is a member, send an e-mail to and we will help you.
  • If your company is not a member yet, let us know and we will get in touch with you.
  • You will automatically receive information by e-mail once your payment is registered. Read the information carefully, as there may be some things you will have to arrange in advance, such as ordering cleaning or sending information in regards to check-in.
  • Yes. The number of people includes children, regardless of age. If the property description says that an additional baby cot or children's bed is available, send us an e-mail and we can arrange this for you with the host.
  • The number listed in the description is the maximum allowed number of people.
  • Yes, if your booking has not yet been confirmed you may change the travel dates. You can this on your page, in the list for active orders.
  • If your booking has already been confirmed, you will have to contact to make changes. If the dates requested are available, we will help you edit your booking, and the fee is NOK 500.
  • Yes, but you will have to send a written request to, and there will be a reassignment fee of NOK 1000. This also needs to be approved by the host, who may be bound by local laws to register guests' names in advance.
  • You are free to cancel a booking within 24 hours after the booking was confirmed, as long as there are at least 14 days until the arrival date.
  • If it has been more than 24 hours after the booking was confirmed, or if there are less than 14 days until the arrival date, cancellation fees apply. See our terms and conditions for more information about cancellation fees.
  • To cancel a booking, go to your page and active orders.
  • Even if you have ordered final cleaning, please put everything you have used back in place and wash the dishes you have used. Remember to empty the fridge, take with you any food and bottles that you brought, and empty the bin. If you have used the fireplace/wood stove, please remove the ash.


FAQ for landlords

  • We hava a mandatory commission of 5% which is deducted from your total rental income.
  • You have 48 hours to confirm a booking.
  • Guests may freely cancel a booking within 24 hours after you have confirmed it, but only if there are at least 14 days until the arrival date. This is to ensure that guests will be able to get flight tickets, etc. Read more about cancellation policies and in which cases you are entitled to compensation, under Terms & Conditions.
  • Only registered employees at our member companies may book company flats and cabins through Prodess. Many companies use Prodess as a part of their employee benefit program, and company flats and cabins have long been a popular benefit.
  • In addition to registering availability for your rental property, we need a final confirmation from you before we confirm a guest's booking. This is to avoid double bookings.
  • The Base Price is normally your low season price, and applies where Special Periods are not added. You do not have to set a start and end date for the Base Price, as this is the default, continuous price. Therefore, we advise you to register Special Periods as far ahead as possible, and also block unavailable dates.
  • Special Periods are rental periods with prices that differ from the base price. Special Periods are usually high season periods like Christmas, Easter and summer. The prices you register here will override the Base Price within the dates you set for the Special Period.
  • You will receive rental payment in advance on the banking date on or around the 25th for all bookings made and paid by the 20th of each month, the month before the guests arrive. Short term bookings not paid by the 20th and starting the current or following month are added to next month’s payment. I received an e-mail about a new booking, but I can't find the booking in the admin system. When you log in, go to the main menu and click on My bookings for a full overview of the bookings you have received. Be aware that the guest may have cancelled their booking in the meantime, as guests are free to cancel any bookings before they are confirmed.
  • If you rent out on other channels, for example on or AirBnb, they will be able to offer a calendar link. This link allows you to copy and paste into our system so that the Prodess calendar is fully updated. However, we recommend checking the Prodess calendar 1 x a month to make sure everything is correct. Go to Calendar, select Import / Export, and enter the calendar link here. Then you will have a full overview of all your rentals in the calendar.
  • We take care of the promotion for you, completely free. You will also receive newsletters with tips along the way. Please contact us at if you have questions or feedback.
  • Go to Calendar and register the dates you want to block.